Crime Scene Cleanup, Homicide Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Trauma Scene Cleanup

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Our biohazard cleanup services include the cleanup and disinfecting of any scene where there are blood, bodily fluids or other biohazards present. Until recent times loved ones, family members or caring friends were often called upon to clean up the scene where such tragedies occurred, often resulting in further emotional upheaval to those closely involved. Modern science tells us that the cleanup of these types of situations requires specialized training due to the risks of possible blood-borne pathogen. We are certified with the proper training, equipment and expertise with the decontamination process. We adhere to OSHA protocols for the health and safety of our technicians. All regulated waste is properly packaged and documented for lawful disposal to a local medical waste facility following Department of Health standards and mandates. Our bio-recovery methods and protocol are in place to protect the health and safety of all future inhabitants of the home. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after our 100% bio-recovery and decontamination Most insurance companies cover the cost of the cleanup and we assist in the claim's process for you. From the first call through to the cleanup and claims process, let us remove this additional burden from you.