Hoarding Clean Up

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Hoarding is characterized by the excessive collection and retention of items or animals until the collection interferes with day-to-day functions such as; home life and comfort, family relationships, social interactions, and a healthy physical environment Our compassionate staff is well-schooled by training and years of experience in the field of hoarding cleanup. Oftentimes a concerned family member may call our office for advice about their loved one who is enmeshed in a hoarding environment. The person afflicted by the "need" to hoard has often "self-isolated" due to anxiety or feelings of guilt. They often steer away from family and other healthy social relationships for fear of being discovered. Almost always we find that the hoarder has sacrificed their own comfort with regards to A/C, plumbing or necessary home repairs in order to keep their environment undiscovered.

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While we would like to help in every case, the one who is afflicted by the need to hoard needs to be ready for the change before there can be a "moving forward". Once that can happen, we work with the hoarder and any advocates involved to design a plan that speaks to his or her individual needs. We respectfully tailor our assistance with a "sort and sift" method to recover items of emotional and physical value. We clean and disinfect items that can be salvaged and dispose of items that are unsalvageable, as well as locate sources in their area looking for donations of useable items that are no longer wanted.

We at ACT Cleaning, our family business looks at your environment and it's complex uniqueness. We are there to assist and guide to bring about a positive and healthy end result for you. Our communications are respectful, discreet and non-judgmental in every case. Every situation is unique and we gear ourselves to it's complexities and adapt ourselves to assist based on your particular level or need. Helping you when you are ready for the change to bring your home back into a healthy and positive state is our goal. Call us when you or your loved one is ready and we work for your best interests for that end result.

I contacted a company; ACT Cleaning and Restoration, regarding help for my brother who is a hoarder. The conditions were so deplorable that it was not possible to walk in the front door...the air was extremely unsafe to breathe...and no working plumbing... Averill listened patiently to my concerns and responded with an amazing amount of tenderness and understanding of the situation. After a period of time, much conversation and a lengthy meeting, Averill and her husband, Bob were able to gain my brother's trust to allow them in the house for an assessment of his hoarding. It was determined that his was a Level 5. After some months, the opportunity presented itself to begin the process of restoring the house to livable conditions. Two long days and over 100 hours of labor, the process was complete. Bob and Mike, owners of the family business, along with Averill and the rest of the team worked with incredible kindness and understanding of the difficulty of purging countless years of acquisitions. ACT is a company run by professionals who are experts in the emotional and psychological reasons for hoarding. They work with the various members of the family and are careful to respect the wishes of the hoarder when it comes to their inability to let go... After spending two long days with the crew of ACT Cleaning and Restoration, and sharing a very personal and emotional experience with them, I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.